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Jumat, 20 November 2009


Jatinom is the name of a district in Klaten regency and city government center. Jatinom located on the main route linking the Klaten and Boyolali. This small town became icons of several small towns are in the town of Klaten in developing themselves into an independent small town with the existing characteristics in the area.

In Sapar Jatinom each month in the Javanese or Islamic calendar is held 'spread apem "or Yaqowiyyu. This tradition held on Friday in the month Sapar near a large mosque Jatinom. Jatinom ordinary people to make this moment as an event silahturakhim (Reinforcement of kinship) to the relatives, so it can be said as Lebarannya people Jatinom. At that time, every house to bake apem, who later served to the guests who came.

This ritual begins with the history of the division of cake by Ki Ageng apem Gribig on 15 Safar 1511 Hijr At that time, Ki Ageng Gribig just returned from Mecca after performing the five pillars of Islam and brought gifts of cookies and a lump of clay from Arafah. (Islamic Syiar).

He also brought gifts of three loaves of bread still warm dreadlocks, said three loaves of bread dreadlocks came from a spiritual journey Ki Ageng Gribik, in his dream he met someone who was none other than teachers of Ki Ageng Gribik and he gave three Ki Ageng bread to Gribik to be distributed to neighbors and relatives there. They gathered to hear the story and discourse knowledge from him. Before they left, he divided by the last-uniformly. But this souvenir was not sufficient for all present. Therefore, his wife was told to cook the cake had become more numerous so that everyone who attended got a souvenir.

Apem spread by Ki Ageng Gribig after Friday prayers. Before souvenir distributed to the neighbors, he first prayed for blessings. Only after the cake was distributed to the relatives and numerous neighbors by saying 'a fuun in Arabic which means to apologize. Communities around saying that the time it sounds like saying "Apem" (in the dialect of Java), where the name originated from dreadlocks cake made from rice flour that came from.

From year to year and next, the people around still maintaining this heritage and culture has become Jatinom with a 'spread apem "(in the Java language; sebaran apem) or Yaqowiyyu (Saparan), the name was popular in the community because this event was held in Sapar months (in Java or the Islamic calendar).

Another advantage of the city is the charm jatinom natural beauty. We can see the mountain scenery Merbabu and Merapi on parallel place. In the district there are sources Jatinom underground springs and clear cold that can be used for bathing. Also you can see the row of caves, which were located near rivers. Cave there is no stalactite. Usually crowded visited the cave in Sapar.

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