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Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

Internet Sharing via WiFi phone

Joinkuspot application allows you to share Internet access Symbian smartphone's 3G via WiFi to any device. This application works on Symbian S60 3rd edition or S60 Symbian 5th edition.

1. Download the application at the address, then extract to your phone. Some phones need a restart after this process, if it does not happen automatically restart, please restart manually.

2. When the first application is run, you will be asked to give permission to use network access (make sure the Internet access settings are used correctly).The process of access points will require a long time depending on the conditions used operator network.

3. After the access point is formed, do adjustments and settings according to need. If you want security, on the menu 'encryption' fox from 'none' to 'yes'. If experiencing difficulty recommended option to option 'automatic'. Gatway settings so the IP address is automatically filled itself. For security please change the path IP address.
4. Once the application to sharing, it will show the current status of the network with the name 'JoinkuSpot' and the code behind it.

5. To see the 'status' shift to the right, the feature will appear the status of the case, the duration and how many packets of data that has occurred.

6. Take any other phone that has WiFi devices. Open the menu> connections> wifi> search to find the access points 'JoinkuSpot'.

7. If there is DC / network is lost, the first on the phone screen will be seen that the application stopped.

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