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Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009

Angkringan The most Popular Side Walk Food in Yogyakarta

Angkringan derived from the Javanese 'Angkring, nangkring, hik' (which means in java language is ; mancek) sitting relaxed, is a push or place permanent with caravan (as identity buy with caravan; in java language means gerobak), that sell a variety of foods and beverages that are common in each side of the road Central Java and Yogyakarta.Angkringan itself appear from the town of Klaten, Central Java is known as the shop hic ( "special meal as the village"). Ordinary angkringan covered with plastic tarp and can carry about 8 people a buyer. Serve from late afternoon, he relies on the traditional lighting of senthir, and also assisted with the brightness of street lamps.
Meals include rice sold cat (rice, fish / and Sambal), fried intestines satay chicken, satay quail egg, chips and others. sells a wide range of drinks such as various kinds of tea, citrus, coffee, ginger and milk. All are sold at a very affordable and populist.

Although it's cheap, but customers are very varied. Starting from pedicab driver, a builder, office employees, students, artists, even to the officials and executives. Between buyers and sellers are often seen chatting casually in a familial atmosphere.

Angkringan also known as an egalitarian place for varied buyers who come without distinction of social strata or racial intolerance. They enjoy food while chatting late into the night - even strangers - about various things, or sometimes discussing the mild-to information topics seriously. The price is cheap and easy place to make angkringan very popular in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas as a haven for the hungry or just relax sit.

atmosphere in angkringan so familiar to the name not only refers angkringan into place but the atmosphere, some adopt the angkringan words to describe the intimate atmosphere of sharing and bridging the differences between the strata of a particular community.

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