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Jumat, 18 September 2009

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

Often applies bra(Breast Prop) simply can increase risk is hit bosom cancer(breast cancer). Way of preventing it, lessens usage of bra and regularly breast massage.
A research entangling 4700 women to find usage of bra or equipment of proven breast prop increased breast cancer risk. Compared to woman which have never applied bra at all, woman that is often applies bra to have higher risk is hit breast cancer.

Published beautytips, Monday ( 6/8/2007), its(the cause is pressure bra at breast can limit poison stream which will go out from breast. Besides, hard pressure from bra can cause oppressed it spleen vein so that dismissal stream of toxin from breast can be pursued.
To avoid bosom cancer risk which caused by bra or breast prop, suggested someone to apply bra at the most 12 hours one day. Besides can be possibly chooses bra which fit and not too depress breast strongly.
Besides breast massage therapy also suggested to fast blood stream from and to breast. Soft massage at breast is believe can give positive benefit and lessens risk is hit breast cancer. Massage with soft pressure until is hardly having an effect on increase spleen and blood stream to breast.
How :
First of all must be known if breast texture every woman is different. Massage pressure also must be adapted for breast texture. Breast having texture slack is better if massaged in soft, while breast having texture harder can be massaged with medium pressure.
Massaging of this breast better be done semiweekly. Can be done without using oil or by using vegetable oil as Lubricant. Need to be paid attention shall not apply oil to base on mineral or oil aromatherapy.

This steps are :
- Does movement of peripatetic massage from direction of exit nipple. Pressure doesn't be harder than acceptable pressures by your eyelid. Hard pressure can make spleen vein to depress and stops other poison stream and dilution. Massage better be done slowly that can be reach maximum result. ( Picture 1)
- Breast massage with both hands, like movement crumples up. ( Picture 2)
- Applies two hands carefully slow and with movement clockwise and conversely. Pays attention to doesn't depress too breast strongly.

- Does movement like picture 4 with medium pressure. This movement believe is useful to launch circulation of dilution from breast.
Important note :
- If when massaging you can feel existence of bump better soon visits medical doctor for further inspection. Massaged shall not be done again at area which there is bump. ( fta/yla)

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